The Way Through the Forest, Chapter Seventeen

“The Garnet Clearing?”

Cormac read off the name on the sign. Kenzie couldn’t help but feel somewhat of a relief that this sign wasn’t in shambles.

Rayna pulled her cloak from the bag, flipping the hood over her head. “Well, might as well stop by there. We’re going to need some more supplies that can’t be supplied by the Forest.”

Cormac groaned before he nodded. “Let’s hope we can trade for something. Don’t have much, cept maybe some shed feathers,” He grumbled.

However, when they reached the town, there was no one to be found.

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Minor Tweaks

I’ve made some changes in the chapter where Rayna’s introduced. I’ve quite dramatically changed her appearance as I felt the personal need to change her design. That’s the only thing that’s different about her though. She’s still a ‘Tree Girl’, she still cries tears made of amber, and she’s still the kind soul that’s a strong influence on Kenzie’s life. If you find any inconsistencies with chapters detailing Rayna’s appearance, please do not hesitate to tell me so I can edit. Thank you for reading, there should be an update this Sunday!

The Way Through the Forest, Chapter Fifteen

“Hit the deck!”

Kenzie squealed as she was shoved to the ground by Cormac, his body shielding hers as a scaly creature dived above their heads. With a piercing cry, it took off, leaving the travelers alone.

Cormac slowly got up, brushing off his pants and shuddering. “Dragons. Why does it have to be dragons?” He grumbled.

It’d been two weeks since the incident at the Opal Clearing. The environment around them had changed, the ground jagged stone only broken by the occasional patch of moss or a shrub. Days were usually spent climbing uphill, and Kenzie would breathe a sigh of relief whenever they finally reached a place that was wooded again. She didn’t like feeling so exposed.

However, the dragons were new.

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Unexpected Hiatus

Oops! It’s been over a month since I’e been here! I’ve been avoiding it if I’m honest… too busy on my horror tumblr. But I feel like now since things have started to calm down over there, I can continue on The Way Through the Forest. I can’t promise an update this Sunday, but I think I’ll get one out soon!

The Way Through the Forest, Chapter Fourteen

The Mountains.

Kenzie thought they’d never make it. Summer was here and now they were truly scaling the mountain. The trees were rich pine, the air had a different scent, and the Bird Folk weren’t quite so prevalent like they were closer to Kenzie’s old Clearing.

Cormac looked like he was home.

Rayna looked up and shook her head. “Is he hopping through the trees again?” She asked.

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Sunday I don’t think there’s going to be another chapter. I’ve been so busy lately I just haven’t had time to work on it. I need to re-prioritize my time. And maybe stop watching so much X-Files…

The Way Through the Forest, Chapter Twelve

“I’m going to lose my mind if I have to pick up my things again.”

Cormac did have a point. The Sprites were just being excessive now.

Grumbling, Cormac jammed his things in his bag. “Doesn’t matter if I bury it, tie it up, or even if it’s on my lap, those Sprites always trash the camp with my things!” He complained, throwing his arms in the air and his feathers puffing out.

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